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Graphic Design 2 Preassessment

Go to this link to take the preassessment:


Places to look for photos

1/23 Assignment

Sorry to miss class today. Today, I want you to take a break from your resumes.

Instead, I want you to complete a tutorial of your choice from this link:

Save it in a folder name 04_Illustrator tutorial. Print, put your name on it, and turn it in.


Mrs. Tholen

02_Text Warp/Envelope Distort Options

Assignment Link: Text Warp Envelope Distort

Stuck and looking for inspiration? Here are some examples of the envelope distort and warp tools in use:

Got some extra time? Check out these text effect ideas:

Digital Studio PreAssessment

Before we get started, I want to know more about you and what you already know about Digital Imaging. Don’t worry. This won’t be graded. I just want to get to know you better. Please fill out the form at the following link: